Can home staging solve all problems? Nope!

Staging needs to be a component of an overall strategy to create excitement in the buyer’s mind. We want the buyer to be thrilled at the idea of living in the home. I’m a strong believer in staging and know that it results in faster sales at higher prices. But it needs to be used in combination with smart use of your money in prepping the house throughout. That could mean paint, carpet, window cleaning, or watering the grass.

I just walked through a house that was staged but the house left me feeling flat – even though it was staged. No excitement. Perhaps it was because the windows were dirty, there were mismatched paint patches on the walls, the tubs needed grout and the patio cover looked like it needed paint. Or maybe it was the crumbs on the counter or the dings and chips in the kitchen sink. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to get your house ready for sale. But it pays to be smart prepping your home for sale in the right way.